Thrift Flip: Rob’s Red Jumpsuit


A few months ago, Rob and I were thrifting and he found this red jumpsuit. When he asked me if I’d be willing to alter it, I was a bit hesitant since there was quite a bit of work to be done.

I’m a nice wife and obviously said yes but OOOOF. This jumpsuit was a ton of work.

I had to… take in the legs, remove the waist band to take in the bodice, re-work the pockets and create a new pocket back, reattach the waistband, remove all of the reflective bands, take off the front pocket, take in the back seam, remove and replace back pockets, create a new arm hole, take in the sleeves, hem the sleeves, and finally, hem the pant legs. I think that’s it 😅

I have to say, it didn’t turn out half bad! My boy loves it and I told him he has to wear it once a week until he dies 😂

Good thing he’s cute and I love him ❤️

Would you take on this sort of project?!

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