I’m definitely an Amy.


While I was making this top, I watched the 2019 version of “Little Women” A LOT. I absolutely love it and have come to terms with the fact that I’m definitely an Amy. I’m creative, the youngest in my family, spunky, slightly selfish (lol), and determined. As much as I want to be any other March sister, Amy just fits.

I used Simplicity Pattern 5582 with some alterations. This is a dress pattern, so I only used the bodice pattern but added about 2 inches to the length. Skipped the collar as well and just went for a simply v-neck to match my inspiration photo. I should have made the neckline a little lower and I put the first button hole too high… but lessons for next time!

I couldn’t decide on a buttons, so I went to Instagram for help! The flat shiny buttons won by a landslide. The ball like buttons on the right are so fun! But I just didn’t know how well they would function. Both buttons are from my Great-Grandma’s stash. I have a huge cookie jar full of all of her buttons. Women in my family have been sewing for generations and it makes me so happy to be apart of that legacy.

The sad thing is that I washed this top recently and it SHRUNK LIKE CRAZY 😦

I loved this top so much so I’ll just have to make it again! But maybe in a different fabric.

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